April 2015 A visit to The Hawking Centre at Doddington Kent to fly and photograph some of the birds. Images added to Bird Gallery

March 2015
Last year was a quiet year for photos. Lifestyle events included a 60th birthday party.Sally has joined the RSPB so watch out for bird photos in the wildlife category. She is also hoping to do some street photography when the warmer weather comes!

September 2013
Another trip to Kenya's Masai Mara took place.

March 2013
The appalling weather conditions last year and at the start of this have kept wildlife photography at a minimum. However a return visit to Kenya for the migration is booked for September.

September 2012
The red kite workshop in Wales was a great success! ideal weather conditions made for some exciting photo opportunities with about 80 kites in flight at one time.

August 2012
A Golden wedding anniversary, two pet photo sessions and an interior dominated the photography scene. However Sally was able to return to WHF for a cub photo day and reacquaint herself with the big cats as well as meeting new arrivals and catching up with friends.

July 2012
Sally has recently photographed a house (inside & out) for a client who is selling their property. She also has taken photos of a guitar and gift shop for use on the clients website.

While still continuing to take wildlife photos in her spare time, Sally has decided to focus on Lifestyle Portraiture which encompasses pet portraits and house photos as well as social photography.

Malu Images exhibited some items at the Egerton Art Show and sold a picture.

A workshop to photograph the Red Kites in Wales has been arranged for September.

June 2012
A visit to the butterfly farm at Stratford on Avon was very enjoyable and highly recommended. Almost two hours were spent photographing the butterflies who were free and would often land on the camera.
Photos can be viewed in the butterfly gallery.

August 2011
A day spent at Headcorn Aerodrome (their Combined OPs day) photographing the Red Arrows and Lancaster Bomber, Spitfire & Hurricane planes.

June 2011
Having viewed her portfolio, Sally decided that it is heavily weighted in the Big Cat area, so she has been focusing on other subjects which will appear over the coming months beginning with flowers. Visits to Great Dixter, Sissinghurst and Godinton Park (Delphinium festival) have been the locations used.

Further visits to Wingham Wildlife park have taken place with updated photos of the tiger cubs progress plus pictures of some of the other wildlife to be seen there.

April 2011
New tiger cubs arrived at Wingham Wildlife Park resulted in us going to visit and photograph them. Needless to say we will be returning often to charter their progress!!

March 2011
A visit to Eagle Heights to hear Dr. Laurie Markham from Cheetah conservation fund give a talk.

January 2011
We have broken our long standing links with WHF as a result of the management takeover. We feel that they are taking the foundation in to a direction that we do not wish to follow.

December 2010
We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Next year's itinerary has not yet been finalised but is likely to be mostly UK based.

October 2010
So far this year has been less eventful. Photographic opportunities in Botswana for a safari and Zambia (Victoria Falls) were the highlight. An opportunity to photograph wolves at the Anglian wolf project in Bedfordshire also took place as did an opportunity to photograph Gorillas at Port Lympne zoo in Kent. Here we were given closer access than is normal.
With the change of management at WHF there has been less opportunity and time to take photos there. Pallas cat kittens born in the summer was the highlight of cat news. Bawa, one of the Sumatran tiger cubs, now two years old, left for Flamingoland zoo in North Yorkshire.

April 2010
An 'Art photography'workshop was attended. This is the concept of manipulating photos to create a more artistic effect. Some of the results can be seen in the galleries. It is particularly useful when shooting animals in captivity and the caging needs to be eliminated.

March 2010
Sally obtained her diploma in Photography from the Photography Institute.